I'm New

What to Expect:

When you come in the doors... 
      ...expect to be greeted warmly!  You'll receive a program with the morning schedule and announcements about upcoming events and ministry opportunities (there's also an outline on the back to take notes during 
the Pastor's message...).  

If you have kids... 
     ...younger than first grade, you can take them to the Nursery (birth - Age 2) or to Kinder-Church (Age 2 - Kindergarten).  Both are conveniently located right 
off the main Foyer.  
    ...elementary-aged kids will sit with you during the first part of the service, then are invited to "EPIC Kids," a fun 
learning environment just for them!

During the Service...
    ...we'll worship God through singing, praying, and reading Scripture.  There will be a time to give an offering, but don't feel obligated - you're a guest!  The Pastor will share a relevant message, explaining Truth for your life from the Bible.  The whole thing usually goes until about 11:45am.



What do I wear?
    - Come comfortable! 
There might be a few guys in suits, but not many...  You'll probably see shorts on warm days, jeans for sure...  Ladies might be wearing dresses, but not all...  The Pastor will probably be dressed "business casual" (and usually that means no suit or tie).


Traditional or Contemporary?
    - There's not a lot of 'ritual' in the service, and you are invited to express yourself in worship.  

    - Our worship band has a rock feel, and is primarily guitar-driven.  Most of the songs that are sung are contemporary expressions of worship, love, and gratitude to God.  There will be some traditional hymns of the Church on occasion, but mostly songs will be like you'll hear on "The Fish" radio station...

    - Technology is used during worship, including video projection for worship songs, DVDs, video clips, and more. 


What is "The Church of the Nazarene?"
    - The Church of the Nazarene is a denomination with over 2.4 million members 
worldwide.  With roots in the Wesleyan and Methodist traditions, the Church of the Nazarene was founded over 100 years ago.  
         Visit the denominational website...

What Does the Church of the Nazarene Believe?

          Click here to find out who we are, who we're not, and our articles of faith...